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Program Management Consulting

The Full Story

The Iceni Group applies its knowledge acquired over several years of industry experience to help you manage your products and services throughout all phases of the program lifecycle. Program management areas include: 


-Cost and Schedule Analysis

Programs are managed to provide product and service solutions to customers to meet contracted price and schedule requirements. By analyzing cost and schedule throughout the program, and applying analysis results regularly to proactively monitor and adjust program resources, customer products and services are delivered on schedule and meet the internal budgeted cost. This results in satisfied customers, profitable programs, and positive cash flows.


-Acquisition and Life Cycle Planning

Acquisition and Life Cycle Planning is a process pioneered by the Department of Defense (DOD) that provides effective, affordable, and timely systems to customers. Program managers tailor and streamline the DOD model to the maximum extent possible, consistent with the technical risk, to provide new systems to the end-users as fast as possible. This event-based process provides for multiple entry points consistent with a program's technical maturity, validated requirements, and funding. This well-defined process can be expertly applied to your programs to enhance your competitiveness and profitability.


-Mentoring and Key Personal Training

Program leaders know that qualified and knowledgeable personnel are a critical key to program success. In this turbulent time of “quiet quitting”, and growing competitions in all facets of business, it is difficult for a company to retain a critical mass of employees with adequate knowledge to successfully complete programs. This is especially relevant for industries that require highly technical knowledge to develop and produce complex systems. Training both new and existing employees, and mentoring personnel to transfer knowledge from more experienced to more junior employees, ensures the retention of core company knowledge by your key personnel. This results in the continuity to deliver quality solutions to your customers.


-Business Process Improvement

Competing successfully in today’s business climate requires continuous improvement in a company’s processes. From front-end customer acquisition through contract awards, product development, production, and delivery, to back-end services, there are processes that can be improved to accelerate the program lifecycle, increase quality, reduce costs and increase profitability. Agile programming, model-based engineering, cloud based process workflow, and digital thread, are example areas with a selection of multiple tools to improve business processes and increase productivity. The selection of an affordable set of process improvements tailored to your company can make the difference between business success and failure.

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