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The Iceni Group Services

The Iceni Group services are just those; services.  We have an entire lesson plan for the basic level Systems Engineering course, for which we will provide certification.  Grades are excellent, passed, and failed.  Grades are based on interest and participation, so each lesson is very interactive and is expected to take one or two hours, but we are flexible on going longer.  In addition to the premade courses, we also offer mentoring and hands-on training and can build you a custom course with your input. Other services include researching, providing an outside opinion, helping with proposals, and helping you find the right partnership for the problem.  Below it will show up as Get Details for our custom courses and services.  We will provide a half hour of free consultation, and if work is to be done, it will be, on average, $100/hr plus any expenses, should we need to travel, for example. 

Standard Lessons and Courses

Custom Courses

Custom Services

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