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Iceni Custom Courses

In addition to our lessons and course in Systems Engineering, we will build a custom course for you and teach it or just give it to you.  Prices for this work will be hammered out through communication with you via email, phone, or video.  Pricing for these courses will be based on the estimated time and teaching time needed to build the course.  We will also include any travel expenses if required.  At the end of the course, we will also provide certificates of completion.  Our systems engineering lessons are interactive, and we would prefer that the custom courses are the same and that completion will get a "grade" of passed, passed with flying colors, or failed.  Grades are given based on interest and participation.  As with our services, these courses are confidential to you and will not be shared with anyone you disapprove.  We would like to share your comments on the courses, but again, that is up to you. 

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