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Problem Solving and Solutions

-Business Pratices


-Business Turnaround

-User Interface and Integration

-Digital Transformations 

-Alternative Solutions

-Short Term Hands-On Support

Business Practices

At The Iceni Group, we can help with business practices, efficient schedule creation with critical path and tracking, Configuration Management, and Team cohesion.

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At The Iceni Group, we can work with you to identify the right technology for the job, be it sensible upgrades to your current technology or new techniques.

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Business Turnaround

COVID was hard on everyone, is your business better served now with a smaller office, and better widespread technology, and what do you do with the old office space?  We can help with various alternatives

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User Interface and Integration

Your product is only useful if it is used, which means integration into existing systems and user-friendly interfaces.  Let us help with both.

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Digital Transformation

Working with outdated software or hardware, or just doing things by hand? We can help you into the next generation of consolidated tools to make life easier.

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Alternative Solutions

We are always looking for other solutions to your problems.  Could AI help? Is there a better tool to be used?  We also look at solutions for the environment as well, such as adding freshwater oysters to help clean up neighborhood ponds and avoid the chemicals that are usually used. Or even coffee changes for the office.

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Short-term Hands-On Support

We can offer short-term support to projects, just to get them going or to help solve the hard problems.  We provide hands-on support and new ideas to help out with your problem areas.  

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