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Program Management and Consulting

-Cost and Schedule Analysis

-Acquisition and Life Cycle Planning

-Mentoring and Key Personal Training

-Business Process Improvement

Cost and Schedule Analysis

Cost is often driven by schedule, do you need help with developing a robust schedule, complete with critical path and risk analysis?  We have over twenty years per person of these issues and can help guide you along the way.

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Acquisition and Lifecycle Planning

You are confident you can solve a problem, but have you considered how and planned for the life cycle?  Are you planning on selling a product and never looking back, or building in lifecycle support?

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Mentoring and Key Personnel Training

A new hire, especially fresh into the workforce, or just a person changing jobs, let us help with mentoring and training to better you and your Team

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Business Process Improvement

Are your processes not meeting your goals? Let us help to improve things like responsibility, and streamlining the overall process.

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