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Personnel and Team

Personnel and Team

•Team Building

•Customer Relations

•Stakeholder Relations

•Configuration Control

Team Building

At The Iceni Group, we can work with you to grow and manage your team through workshops or in-person exercises to help you and your team to function as a Team, not just as a group.  Make the most of your diversity and skills to ensure the best outcomes.   No interest in cutting your team, just using each member to the best of their gifts and functions in the team.

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Customer Relations

Like any member of your Team, your Customers are just as important, let us help you to better understand them and keep them involved in the process of meeting their needs, even if they're not sure of what they are

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Stakeholder Relations

Your stakeholders are also part of your Team, be they local officials, your customers, or other interested people.  Let us help you navigate through the stakeholders and provide everyone with the best result.

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Configuration Control

No matter how you do it, with documents or tools, Configuration Control is vital to keeping the team on track and your Customers and Stakeholders on the same page. It will stop any preconceived notions of what is coming.  This also is important in schedule building, scope tracking and requirements.

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